Advanced Fleet
Management Solution
The most easy-to-use ELD device and application
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Everything you need to manage your fleet is now in one place. Simplified compliance with registered ELD,
Real-time GPS tracking, Dispatching and Dash Camera.
Dispatch Board
Dispatch Board will streamline day-to-day operations maximizing your time so you can focus on better loads and bigger profit.
Asset Tracker
Factor ELD Asset Tracker is the most effective to secure your asset through bottom line. It is for who care about the safety of their drivers and trucks.
Dash Camera System
ELD Compliance Solution
Our FMCSA-certified ELD compliance solution provides users with a wide variety of comprehensive features.
According to FMCSA research that accident rose over $1,2 million; with Factor ELD camera business will secure both its finance and fleet.
Reliable, well-supported ELD, GPS tracking & more
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Chat on drivers and dispatchers
We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.
Flexible Dispatch Board
Dispatch Board is the go-to dispatching software - created with carrier needs in mind. Dispatch Board will streamline day-to-day operations maximizing your time so you can focus on better loads and bigger profit.
GPS Tracking
Keep up with demand - dispatch and track your fleet with real-time GPS, leveraging weather and traffic data to exceed your customers' expectations.
Driver App on any sceen
Right measurement of the fleet help you set up precise business. Our "Driver App" provides a most comprehensive solutions to the market.
Connect your essential third-party apps to benefit from real-time data, improve
efficiencies, and reduce operational costs
Descartes MacroPoint
Descartes MacroPoint is purpose-built to provide
end-to-end visibility through every stage of the
transportation journey, all from a single provider
Real-time transportation visibility allows you to
Helps manage the supply chain with precision and
efficiency by making vehicles visible at all times
have the exact location of your vehicles and
shipments in real time
Load tracking and digital freight matching solution
that helps cut your costs
Go Highway
Helps brokers identifying carriers
Amous TMS
TMS with a unique architectural approach that
enables users to benefit from several micro-
Coming Soon
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You can even use our demo version to check the whole system
Fleet management
Log Annotiation
Asset Tracker
IFTA Reports
GPS Tracking
Tracking History
Chat and Walkie talkie
$79 / month
Per Truck Monthly
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